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Team Bawumia launches website, Mobile App, and USSD to connect with supporters

In a bid to enhance their campaign efforts, Team Bawumia has launched a Website, Mobile App, and USSD digital platform to connect with supporters and stakeholders.

The team is utilising technology to ensure wider reach and engagement ahead of the upcoming elections.

The highlight of their digital campaign is the introduction of a unique dialing code,*202#, a website (, and USSD which allow supporters to contribute their quota to the Bawumia Campaign and also interact and follow his campaign keenly.

The initiative aims to tap into the growing mobile phone penetration in Ghana, where almost everyone has access to a mobile phone. With this innovative approach, Team Bawumia seeks to harness the power of technology to galvanize support and resources for their campaign.

Through these platforms, individuals can stay updated with the latest news, videos, and events related to the Bawumia Campaign.

Speaking about the digital campaign, a member of Team Bawumia stated, “We recognise the importance of technology in today’s world. By leveraging these digital platforms, we can connect with our supporters and engage with them more interactively. It allows us to reach a wider audience and promote the vision and agenda of Vice President Bawumia.”

The digital campaign is in line with the wider shift towards digitalization in Ghana’s political landscape. With the rise in internet and mobile phone usage, political parties are increasingly using digital tools to engage with voters and convey their messages effectively.

With the launch of the dialing code and other digital platforms, Team Bawumia aims to harness the potential of technology to mobilize support and spread its campaign message. As the election draws near, it remains to be seen how successful this digital campaign will be in influencing voters and shaping the outcome.

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