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Togo must deepen democracy, strengthen institutions

The International Cities of Peace has aked the Togolese government to make efforts to deepen democracy, good governance and strengthen institutions in order to sustain the peace they currently enjoy.

Togo’s President Faure Gnassingbe has won re-election with 72% of the vote, according to preliminary results from the electoral commission on Monday, extending his 15-year rule and a family dynasty that began when his father took power in a 1967 coup.

In a statement to congratulate the government and people of the West African nation after successful polls Sunday, Executive Director of International Cities of Peace, Fred Arment, called on those who may have concerns with the electoral process, “to apply peaceful and democratic means in resolving it.”

Read the full statement below:

For Immediate Release
February 24, 2020
New York , USA


The International Cities of Peace wish to congratulate the people of Togo on the conduct of PEACEFUL elections held over the weekend.

We are encouraged by the display of maturity and candour by the political parties and the entirety of the Togolese people and the leadership of the country for deepening the principles of democracy and human rights.

We urge the people of Togo to take steps to further deepen democracy, good governance and strengthen institutions in order to sustain and develop the peace they currently enjoy.

We urge political parties, citizens and other stakeholders that may have some level of disagreements and concerns with the process to apply PEACEFUL and DEMOCRATIC means in resolving it.

We, therefore, congratulate President Faure Gnasingbe for the landslide victory and all the parties that were involved in this democratic process and call on all the Regional bodies such as the AU and the ECOWAS to further assist in ensuring on peace, the post-elections healing process and national cohesion.

We also urge the citizens especially, the opposition parties to stay calm and not to apply violent means in resolving their grievances in this moment of their democratic discourse.

Togo is on the right path of democracy and must be encouraged.

Congratulations again.

J. Fred Arment
Executive Director
International Cities of Peace

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