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‘Unethical’ Amidu has proven his critics right – Ben Abdallah

Ben Abdallah Banda, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs has said that Martin Amidu has vindicated his critics who doubted his competence with his decision to resign.

Ben Abdallah told Joy News that he had some belief that Amidu could perform to satisfaction but his sudden resignation is proof of the reservations people had about him prior to his appointment.

He accused Amidu of being unethical with his decision to publicize his resignation letter.

He noted that instead of making public his resignation, Amidu should have written to the president who appointed him.

“When I heard the news of his resignation, I said that Martin Amidu has vindicated those who said he could not perform the job to the satisfaction of the Ghanaian populace,” he said.

“He should have gone directly to the President who gave him the appointment, and if for any reason, he “wanted to resign, he should have sent his resignation letter to the President.”

“I find it unethical, going to the extent of revealing certain secrets which to me should have been kept secret,” he added.

He disclosed that the resignation of Amidu has been well-received and that “a very good replacement will be found by the President to continue the work Martin Amidu left behind.”

Meanwhile investigative journalists Manasseh Azure Awuni has said that Amidu should have bowed out long ago.

He said on Citi TV that since his appointment in 2018, Amidu has been deprived of his independence to work as Special Prosecutor.

“I believe he had stayed too long in that position and not too long ago, I asked him why he was still at post. I felt that he has built a reputation for himself. For him to have sat down for all that he had built to go down the drain, I thought that it was too much. I was surprised that he stayed this long,” Mr. Awuni said.

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