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Vlisco boss: 70% of textiles on the market are fake

Fatoumata Doro, the managing director of Tex Styles Ghana Ltd, has said that operating a textiles business is extremely difficult.

“Vlisco is very well known, same as GTP and Woodin, but financially we’re struggling because the textiles business is extremely difficult,” Doro told Nana Yaa Mensah on the Sunday Night programme on Asaase 99.5 Accra on Sunday (28 November).

“If you look back 20 years ago, we used to have more than 15 textile companies in Ghana.

“Today, you are left with only three of them. They have all collapsed because it’s extremely difficult to run a textile business in Africa for different reasons,” she said.

Beware fakes
“The main one is the copies. The Chinese copies are very strong on the market, and they have improved over the years in copying our logos.

“They have copied our logo that you may not be able to make the difference, but the quality is not the same,” Doro said.

Government intervention
The Tex Styles Ghana Ltd boss wants the government to immediately intervene to salvage the industry, especially in the face of rising inflation.

“If you take 100 pieces in the market, 70 of them may be copies, so although the brand is well known, the brand is everywhere, but the copies are killing us.

“That is why we need government support. We need the government to put in the right measures to save what is left. Textiles business is such a key component in any country’s growth, and we are only left with three,” she said.

Tex Styles Ghana Ltd is the manufacturer of Vlisco, GTP and Woodin textiles.

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