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We never promised to complete all factories in our first term – Bawumia

Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has slammed the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) saying they had nothing to show for the 8 years they were in office.

Dr. Bawumia claims the NDC constructed only two factories when they were in office for the 8-year-period.

He made the claims in an interview on Cape Coast-based Eagle FM Sunday.

He also stated the NPP’s one district one factory policy has been successful with 76% of work executed.

The second gentleman of the land further indicated the NPP never promised to complete all the promises they made in 2016 hence Ghanaians should ignore the opposition NDC and their attacks on the government.

“We never said we will do it all by 2020, we said we will initiate a program called the One district, One factory, and we are still on it, and Ghanaians are happy about our many promises,

“We are positive that within 2-3 years, we would have exhausted all our manifesto promises but the NDC can only boast of two factories within their 8 years and for the NPP, it only took us one term to provide 76% of our 2016 manifesto promise,” he said.

He advised voters to retain the NPP because they have performed well.

“Our biggest initiative is the Free SHS policy. We were told that it’s impossible, but we responded by saying funds will be generated when we come to fix the economy.

“We might not see full impact now, but in another 10 to 15 years, Ghana will be a very different place, because we will have a very educated workforce”.

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