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We’ll start prosecuting customers who bypass meters, says ECG boss

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has warned that it will start prosecuting customers who bypass their meters to shortchange the company.

ECG on Monday began a nationwide revenue mobilisation exercise to recover all unpaid bills amounting to GHC5.7 billion from its customers.

“For every bypass that you do, if you are found out we will consider it as stealing and we will take you to the relevant authority for the right thing to be done,” MD of ECG, Samuel Mahama said on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Wednesday (22 March).

“Let’s stop illegal connections and bypasses,” he added. “It does not help us as a nation.”

“The private sector is the engine of growth … If private sector does its bit then it makes things that much easier for us as it ensures that electricity production does not cease,” Mahama added.


Parliament has made part payment of its indebtedness to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

This was after it paid GHC8.5 million out of GHC13 million owed the ECG so as to prevent its disconnection from the national grid.

The part payment was made after the revenue mobilisation taskforce of the ECG visited the house on Monday.

Administrative officials at Parliament made the payment through ECG’s approved bank after discussions with the task force.

Parliament’s payment was made in two instalments, GHC3.5 million was via cheque processed electronically while GHC5million was to be paid through the Ministry of Finance’s GIFMIS.

ECG’s external communications manager, Laila Abubakari, who confirmed that said, the debt being retrieved would be paid to the approved payment portals as the taskforce was not receiving cash.

“We are not accepting cash and so everyone who will be making payment will do it through the electronic process or the banks.

“Yes, Parliament made part payment, issuing a cheque for GHC3.5 million with an additional GHC5 million to be paid by the Finance Ministry through the GIFMIS platform, so in total, an amount of GHC8.5 million was paid,” she said.

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