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We’re digitising our operations, says SIGA boss

Edward Boateng, the director general of the State Interest and Governance Authority (SIGA) has said his outfit has begun moves to digitise its operations.

The move according to the SIGA boss will help save cost and inject more efficiency into the operation of the authority.

Speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Friday (9 December), Boateng said, “A time should come when by the press of a bottom, I should be able to know what is happening within all State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) or entities.”

“At the same time my Finance director should be able to have that interface with all the finance directors cross the country, so that we can communicate and interface, we are using that but not at the high level.”

He added, “Yesterday for instance we had a meeting with controller and Accountant General to talk about management account, in the past we all had to gather in one room, but this time it was virtual a deeper level we are going to implement a lot of these.”

Boateng said SIGA is rolling out a productivity metrics to help measure productivity and value for money.

“What we want to do is implement productivity metrics where we’ll be able to tell how many people logged in on time to go to work because we live in a system where a lot of people go to work late and leave early,” he said.

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