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Woman, 90, walks 2 miles in rain to pay $1.49 debt from 50yrs ago

An elderly woman suddenly decided to walk 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) in the rain to pay a debt she owed to someone roughly 50 years ago.

Sun Xingbao, a 98-year-old elderly woman from Zhejiang province in eastern China, recalled last month that she owed carpenter Zhang Falin money 50 years ago, from when she hired him to make furniture after her son got married.

However, at the time, their family was poor and was not able to pay the full workmanship charge. She owed the man 10 yuan ($1.49), according to China Press via AsiaOne.

Las month, she recalled what had happened and felt uneasy about the debt from five decades ago. So Sun decided to take out some money from her bank account and travel to where Zhang is.

After successfully finding him, she insisted on paying the debt she owed with interest which would now amount to a total of 1,500 yuan ($223).

She kept on insisting that the charge for his workmanship has increased through the decades and that he must receive more than the 10 yuan she owed him.

Zhang, at first, refused to accept the elderly woman’s offer, but he eventually gave in but only took 1,200 yuan ($178).

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