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Your incompetent actions won’t put us off – Asiedu Nketia to EC

Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress says(has stated that) despite the party’s lack of confidence and perceived frustrations by the Electoral Commission, it will not boycott 2020 elections.

Speaking to the press after filling the nomination forms on behalf of John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the party, Asiedu Nketia emphasised that the party will remains(remain) focused on participating in the elections.

He admitted that the party has genuine concerns with how the EC is going about the electoral process but they will for the sake of peace contest the elections. Asiedu Nketia reiterated the party’s dissatisfaction with how the voter registration and exhibition exercises were conducted.

“Currently, we have a situation where we have been called to file nominations where there is a big doubt as to which register will be the base document for the election. This register is called a provisional register because it has not been certified. We are going along because we do not want to create a problem for this country.

“The Electoral Commission has presented a form to us to be submitted and an oath to be sworn based on a law that does not exist. They have said on the forms that we should swear that the candidates have filed their assets according to PNDC law 280 which has repealed since 1998,” (he lamented.)

Asiedu Nketia further described the EC as incompetent and acting base on non-existent laws.

He further argued that; “the law guiding the filing of nomination and declaration of assets today is Act 558 1998. How can a competent Commission be calling us to be swearing oaths based on laws that do not exist? The EC doesn’t even know that the law doesn’t exist.

So, we want to put on record that, we are filing this nomination because they say so. And we will not boycott the elections no matter what system they put in place. We will still participate in the election and win, and they will be compelled to declare us winners because the people of Ghana want us back.”

The NDC scribe charged Ghanaians to vote for the party and rescue it from the NPP.

“We have heard the President say that he is interested in a free and fair election and that he is not interested in any crooked election. We want to alert His Excellency that this election is about to be crooked and all the ingredients are there.

So, we are calling on all Ghanaians that this election we are going into is a rescue mission. We have to get up to rescue the democracy in this country,” Mr. Nketia added.

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