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‘I Won’t Be Mahama’s Running Mate- Spio-Garbrah

NDC Flagbearer aspirant, Ekwow Spio Garbrah, has reaffirmed his resolve to be flagbearer of the NDC and not a running mate to former President Mahama going into the 2020 elections.

According to him, his campaign is not focused on former President Mahama but rather aimed at propagating the message of providing the right leadership for Ghanaians.

Speaking on Citi TV’s point of View with Bernard Avle, the former Trade M,minister debunked claims that he is unable to criticize Mr. Mahama because he will be seeking favour from former President Mahama to become his running mate.

Dr. Spio-Garbrah said his campaign is not aimed at denigrating his opponents to prove to delegates that he is active in the flagbearship race, but rather focused on selling his 7 key agenda to the party and Ghanaians, key amongst them being creating opportunities for the youth and women, and ensuring a healthy environment for business development.

“I believe that people feel that in an election you must insult your opponent, you must punch him to mean that you are contesting, my campaign is not about him, it is about what I can do for my party and country. I have no such hope of being his running mate. My aim is to be President of the republic of Ghana by becoming flagbearer of the NDC. In 2006 when I was contesting for the flagbearer, he [Mahama] wasn’t a candidate.” Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah said.

Campaign funding

Touching on funding for his campaign, Dr. Ekwow Spio Garbrah explained that he is being supported by family and friends who have believed in his capabilities since he was a deputy minister.

According to him, he does not believe in stealing public funds to run a campaign, but rather engaging in crowdsourcing just like former United States President Barack Obama did.

“Through very friendly support from a wide range of friends who have believed in me for many years, they tell me they have been watching me from 20, 25 years when I was a deputy minister. I have worked in the ministries; I signed mining lease agreements for faces I had not even seen before. There are advertisements of mine in the business and financial times newspaper. Sponsors are paying for me, some have given me vehicles, I am doing a mobile crowding sourcing.”

Mahama will not survive ‘tsunami of change’

Meanwhile, Mr. Spio-Garbrah has expressed certainty that former President John Mahama’s bid to led the NDC into the 2020 elections will not succeed.

According to him, there is a high demand for a change in leadership in the party especially persons who superintended over the party’s abysmal performance in the last elections in 2016.

He mentioned that over 80% of the party delegates are new and are eager to vote for a new person to lead the party

“The fact that people know you doesn’t mean that they necessarily want you. The fact that you are well known doesn’t mean you are the most acceptable…..People are looking for renewal, re-invigoration, fresh blood and that I say is not a hurricane, it is not a whirlwind, it is not a thunderstorm, it is not a cyclone, it is a tsunami. It is a tsunami and it will shoot all the way through the national [executive elections] to the flagbearership,” he said.

Source: Citi News

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