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NABCO deploys 1250 personnel for Volta, Oti digital addressing system

The Volta Regional Secretariat of Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) has deployed 1250 personnel to undertake the digital property addressing project in Volta and Oti Regions.

The 1250 personnel who form part of 12,750 NABCO deployed nationwide will in six weeks tag properties in the region with their house numbers, digital addresses and street nameplates.

Prior to the deployment, NABCO had trained 135 Research and Training Corps (RTCs) from 25 districts in the Volta and Oti regions to kick start the tagging phase of the National Digital Property Addressing System (NDPAS) project launched by the government in 2017.

These personnel who have a variety of qualifications in IT were trained in installations and registration of the digital addressing App.

With the use of a mobile device, the personnel will collect data, identify and tag properties across the region with Digital Address plates.

They will in turn train the 1250 earmarked for the project in the Volta and Oti regions.

Each of the 25 districts demarcated by NABCO will have 50 of the trainees posted there to ensure every property is covered in the Volta and Oti regions.

A member of the Technical Team, Madam Vera Dankwa, noted that the project which is nationwide and targeted at tagging a minimum of four million houses, was aimed at eliminating the system where land marks and inscriptions were used to give directions.

Ultimately, it is part of government’s agenda to formalise the economy through the deployment of data driven technologies.

The move is also geared towards improving revenue generation, identification of locations for emergency services, facilitate smooth business transactions and improve planning and projections for better distribution of resources.

She explained that although quite a number of citizens have downloaded their digital addresses, majority have not verified it into the national database, hence the trainees will consolidate the initial work generating the digital addresses where it has not been done, verify all the addresses (new and old) and tag the properties with a digital address plate.

To make the implementation a success, the Volta Regional Coordinator for NABCO, David Lovely Davis, indicated that three research and training corps, a district coordinator and a planning or technical officer were being engaged in each of the 25 demarcated districts to train others and supervise the process.

He said the trainees will be paid the same stipend they are entitled to by the government.

They will be given gadgets with which they will go to the specific locations where the App will generate the necessary information that is relayed to a Central System that will manage the data.

The national digital property addressing system was introduced in 2017 to generate a unique code for houses, businesses, streets and properties with a geographical area for easy identification and quick response in case of emergency.

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