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No more ‘protocol’, ‘order-from-above’ port goods clearance without my approval – Professor Adei

The Board Chairman of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Prof Stephen Adei has warned staff of the Customs Division of the Authority to refer to him all so-called protocol goods meant for clearance at the country’s ports.

During a visit to the Customs Division, Tema Collection, at the Port of Tema together with the Director-General of the GRA and the Commissioner of Customs, Prof Adei warned the staff thus: “From today, if anybody says there is order from above, and you collaborate and you are caught, you will be sacked – immediately

“When there is order from above, refer that order from above to me”, he ordered, adding: “aIf they say: ‘It’s from the Operations Room [at the] Jubilee House’, say: ‘Stephen Adei says: ‘If you want to send directives from Operations, send it to him and the Commissioner to direct’”.

Prof Adei warned: “If anyone of you clears a chicken in the name of a fish for somebody, he may be the biggest person, but I will hold you responsible”.

As part of his ‘Stop The Leakage By The Few’ crusade, Prof Adei said he would provide a dedicated phone number through which whistleblowers, especially junior staff, can lodge complaints of leakages to avert victimisation.

He promised that about a quarter of the proceeds realised from reports of leakages would be used to reward the whistleblower.

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