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NPA chief says he will work to ‘expose’ fraudulence in petroleum sector

Industry stakeholders in the petroleum market convened at the National Petroleum Authority’s head office Tuesday, to hear remarks from its Chief Executive, Alhassan Tampuli, on the state of the Authority.

In the address, Tampuli reemphasized that the NPA has successfully adopted stringent measures to curb illegal activities in the sector, which has drastically reduced exports from 30 million litres to a mere two million litres (a 93% decline) in one year.

“We at the Authority are poised to ensure protection is given to the businesses of genuine players in the industry and shall work with you to expose the fraudulent ones desperately trying to undermine the decency of the operations,” Tampuli addressed to a crowd that included the Managing Director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited, George Mensah Okley.

He continued: “Significant savings have been made following the significant reduction in volumes of exported products that would have been diverted invariably for personal gains at the expense of the state.”

This year, the NPA has arrested and detained 43 bulk road vehicles and one canoe for engaging in illegal petroleum distribution practices, Tampuli said.

He acknowledged that in June, a committee was established to develop guidelines in curbing illegal fuel activities. The Committee will also propose new measures to dispose of the vehicles and all products therein, he said.

Tampuli also touched on the gas explosion at Atomic Junction last year. Following the blast, Cabinet implemented the National LPG policy, a new initiative that would only allow consumers to refill gas cylinders at NPA-approved bottling plants. The policy’s objective is to ensure that Ghanaians have access environmentally-friendly LPG by 2030.

“The Authority has also strengthened its capacity to intensify monitoring and inspection mechanisms, to ensure safety standards at the various stations are rigorously enforced, said Tampuli.

“This will reduce, if not eliminate completely any unforeseen petroleum products related accidents.”

Moving forward, the NPA is looking into the reviewal of its current price deregulation policy. The areas to be reviewed include “competition, cost of operation, service delivery, pricing methodology and their business models.”

Additionally, the Authority intends to install electronic tracking devices on all bulk road vehicles to monitor petroleum distribution throughout the country.


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