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Parliament to install temperature monitors to check MPs and visitors for coronavirus

Parliament of Ghana is to install temperature monitors to check Members of Parliament and visitors for coronavirus. This they say is a measure to protect MPs, staff and visitors from the virus.

Speaker of Parliament Prof. Mike Ocquaye advised members to stop shaking hands and disclosed sanitizers have been installed all over the house.

“Whatever it is we should be cautious over handshakes, sanitizers have been installed in the house and I urge all members of the house to use it regularly and stick to all the measures to ensure the disease do not spread”.

Ghana has so far tested 54 cases but all turned out negative.

President Akufo-Addo on Wednesday, March 11 addressed Ghanaians on the measures adopted by the government to prevent the disease from entering Ghana.

He called on churches, universities and other groups that organise events that host large gatherings to put in mechanisms to protect people in the face of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

He also disclosed that the government has committed a whopping $100 million to improve its preparedness and response to a possible outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Ghana’s entry points, such as her airports and land borders, he noted, continue to show satisfactory preparedness to screen all entrants into the country, with the Ministry of Health designating a quarantine facility that can hold infected persons, whilst regional hospitals are preparing isolation centres for holding suspected cases.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus disease as “a pandemic.”

So far 126,380 cases have been recorded across the globe, with 4,635 dying from the virus.

In West Africa, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo and recently Cote D’Ivoire have all recorded cases.

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