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Thomas-Greenfield to meet Akufo-Addo over food insecurity

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US representative to the UN is in Ghana as part of her three nation tour to African countries including Uganda and Cape .

The four day visit to Africa is to enable Thomas-Greenfield get first-hand information on the impact of the global food crisis and how to partner with the region to address the problems.

She will be visiting markets, food production facilities and meeting with local farmers to understand and help Africa harness its own resources, she told a press briefing before her departure.

“My main goal is to listen, so that I can better understand the concerns of Ugandans, Ghanaians, and the people of Cabo Verde, and share those concerns back home. And I’m eager to discuss our mutual priorities – to continue a conversation that I’ve been having in New York on efforts to mitigate food insecurity, which is at the top of our agenda for this trip.

“And while food insecurity is a global crisis, you all know that it has hit Africa particularly hard. High energy prices, climate change – including severe droughts and floods – COVID-19, and increasing conflict have all combined to push millions of people to the brink.”

“So during my trip, I’ll visit markets and food production facilities. I’ll meet with local farmers, activists, and members of civil society. And in Ghana, I will deliver a keynote address on peace and progress on food security,” she said.

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said that discussions with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of Ghana and Yoweri Musaveni of Uganda will also focus on regional security, corruption and human rights.

:”This trip is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to connect with partners and allies on all the issues I’ve laid out – and to hear first-hand from those who are dealing with food insecurity and other pressing challenges on the continent.”

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