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Xenophobic attacks: SA to compensate properly registered Ghanaian businesses

The South African government’s special envoy to Ghana says properly registered and insured tax-paying Ghanaians businesses in South Africa will be compensated.

Jeffrey Radebe expressed deep regret for the attacks and called for cooperation among African states to deal with the socio-economic issues that underline such attacks.

“The institution of the continental African free trade area is the one that must bring all of us together so that regional economic integration happens to allow for the free movement of goods and people like it is happening in other parts of the world,” he said.

At least three Ghanaians were injured in the latest xenophobic attacks in South Africa which saw the destruction of properties and loss of lives.

“What has happened recently is not a reflection of the values of South Africans. What is underlying all of these issues are fundamental socio-economical challenges that we face not only in South Africa but a continent as a whole,” he said.

At a media briefing after a closed-door session with government, Tuesday, Minister Radebe said the laws of South African will be fully applied in addressing the aftermaths of the attacks.

“…there is a collective responsibility not only of leaders but we as citizens of these great nations to ensure that we push our leaders to implement programmes for action so that the political freedoms that we attain in Africa must be accompanied by the economic emancipation of Africans,” he added.

Minister Radebe said that is the only guarantee that will ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

“If you look at the areas that this has happened in South Africa, they are poverty-stricken areas where people are also non-South Africans fight over scarce resources. There are many Ghanaians living in South Africa who were never affected because they were not in such areas.

“The issues of poverty, unemployment and inequality are the driving forces but that is not a justification for the attacks. That is why President Pamaphosa has provided strong leadership and instructions to law enforcement agencies to apprehend all those people who are involved in criminality,” he said.

The special envoy also noted government has accepted the apology of South Africa to Ghanaians for the unfortunate incident.

Jeffrey Radebe with Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

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